Emergent Health Introduces ‘MAXIMUS Men’s Health’

New York, NY/ February 28/ Emergent Health Corp. (OTC Pink: EMGE) announced today that it will roll out a state-of-the-art “Regenerative Men’s Health Vertical” called “MAXIMUS Men’s Health”. With the combination of world-class biologic products, including a best-selling PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) offering, and our expertise in the treatment of sports injuries and arthritis, the company has the nucleus for a new brand in the regenerative treatment market for men.

We Just Made “I CAN DO IT” a Whole Lot Easier

MAXIMUS Men’s Health Tackles most of Men’s Health Struggles

Sports Injuries

MAXIMUS will offer through the provided portfolio by IPS / Juventix / Evolutionary Biologics / Nanosthetic Wharton’s Jelly – A 360-degree answer to the non-surgical treatment of sports injuries as well as arthritis in older men.

Hair Loss

MAXIMUS will offer all forms of hair replacement, surgical and non-surgical.

Under the direction of veteran management, we will also develop a line of Men’s Hair Care products under the MAXIMUS Brand. The products will be designed to prevent hair loss and promote new hair growth using new age biologic technology.

MAXIMUS will also manufacture a natural supplement that will promote fuller, faster-growing hair.

Facial Resurfacing / Regenerative Aesthetics

MAXIMUS will become the trusted leader in men’s facial treatment. From a new-age Men’s Skin Care product to biologic products that dramatically reduce downtime associated with in-office facial treatments.

The company will become synonymous with “Men’s Regenerative Aesthetics”, as our products contain over 300 growth factors and 30 forms of collagen to offer superior healing and regenerative benefits.

Testosterone Replacement 

MAXIMUS will create a bioidentical hormone replacement product as well as a biologic product that will boost testosterone production and increase energy levels as well.

Virility and Sex Drive

The company will simultaneously develop a supplement that will boost your body performance, as well as increasing your virility and sex drive.

Erectile Dysfunction

With access to the best biologic products as well as an industry-leading PRP offering, MAXIMUS will offer a one-stop shop for the successful treatment of Erectile Dysfunction. The current size of the erectile dysfunction market in 2022 was USD 2.46 billion. And is forecast in 2030 to be USD 4.8 billion.

Male Longevity

MAXIMUS Biological products repair bodies and change lives.

The MAXIMUS msc exosome product helps equip the man’s body to operate as initially designed and optimize its functionality.

Wound Healing / Scar Revision

With the combination of PRP and our assortment of biologic treatments MAXIMUS will become the industry leader in wound healing and scar revision.

MAXIMUS will offer leukocyte platelet fibrin for wound healing with its autologous platelet-rich plasma for diabetic chronic wounds and ulcers using an FDA-cleared device. (Medicare covers this treatment)

Our MSC Exosomes promote reconstruction in cutaneous wound repair by regulating collagen ratios and fibroblast differentiation to mitigate scar formation.