Emergent Announces Letter of Intent to Partner with Rallis Co., creator of “Heart Smart Pet” to launch Patented Nutrition based Whipped Cream

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / December 6, 2022 / Emergent Health Corp. (OTC PINK:EMGE) through its subsidiary “The Wholistic Company” aka Cannagistics, Inc. (OTC “CNGT”) announces its has executed a letter of intent with Rallis Co, creator of Heart Smart Pet to launch Patented Nutrition based Whipped Cream.

Emergent Health Corp., Monday, December 5, 2022, Press release pictureEmergent Health Corp., Monday, December 5, 2022, Press release picture

Below are various examples of the new line of products jointly being developed by “The Wholistic Company” and “Heart Smart Pet”.

Emergent Health Corp., Monday, December 5, 2022, Press release picture

The Letter of Intent is subject to execution of a formalized purchase agreement signed by both Parties detailing pricing, launch date, packaging, and all other terms and responsibilities of both Parties.

Marvin Segel, CMO of Emergent and son of QVC Founder Joseph Segel stated “Final packaging is still in process at this moment. We expect to have at least 2-3 versions of the Whipped Cream. One focused on Pets, one focused on Humans and one that will have a different nutrient profile (still being developed). The Patent is on Nutrients in a Whipped Cream, so the possibilities are endless. The fact that this is shelf stable until opened is also an added bonus for storage and shipping. The Wholistic Company and Heart Smart will work together on branding and distribution channels. Heart Smart Whipped Cream can work with many nutrients and be used by Dogs and Humans or just as a safer Whipped Cream for your Pets as a treat. The Wholistic Company will engage Influencers and Experts in the Pet Space to create great content that will be shoppable … aka “Content Based Shopping! Marketing will be focused on Problem – Solution Products. Heart Smart Pet has the most amazing Problem – Solution Product ever! Typical off the shelf Whipped Cream is not good for your Dog. The patent on Heart Smart Pet covers nutritional support added to Whipped Cream”.

Theo Rallis, CEO of Heart Smart Pet stated “Our goal at Heart Smart was not to be another CBD product with a very pretty package. Our team has been committed to creating truly effective medicine that is backed by science, formulated using the highest quality ingredients while leveraging next generation cutting edge technology. All of our CBD products are formulated by our team of doctors, naturopaths and compounding pharmacists that understand the science and ratios between cannabinoids, terpenes and lipid transport to create true healing entourage effects in your pet’s body.”

Jim Morrison, Former L’Oréal President and Emergent new full time CEO stated, “We couldn’t be more excited to be marketing Heart Smart Pet whipped cream. When we relaunched Emergent Health Corp., one of the tenets that we launched the company on, was that we would manufacture and market the best natural, plant-based products for ‘all members of the family, including your pets’. Theo Rallis has put together an incredibly innovative product that we are thrilled to be selling.”

The global regenerative medicine market size was valued at USD 20.04 billion in 2021 and is predicted to be worth around USD 125.54 billion by 2030 with a CAGR of 16.2% from 2022 to 2030. Stem cell therapy is one of the most revolutionary applications of regenerative medicine in the real-world scenario. Stem cell therapy encourages the repair response of ailing, dysfunctional or wounded tissue by means of stem cells or their byproducts. It is the next big thing in organ transplantation and makes use of cells in the place of donor organs, that are limited in stock. Scientists cultivate stem cells in a laboratory. These stem cells are operated to specialize into particular cells, such as blood cells, heart muscle or nerve cells. The specific cells can then be implanted into an individual. Stem cells have the capability to build all tissue in the human body, therefore have great possibility for future healing uses in tissue repair and regeneration.


Rallis Co is a Canadian American functional foods company best known for their use of high polyphenol; ice pressed® olive oil for health purposes. Rallis Co was founded by Theo and Jen Rallis. The couple began their business venture by selling their unique, ice pressed® olive oil. Ice pressed® was a process created by Theo and made from olives sourced from his family’s orchards in Southern Greece. After Founder, Theo Rallis, endured a battle with kidney disease and subsequently received the generous gift of an organ donation, the Rallis’ pivoted their business to focus on consumer products for health purposes both for humans and their fur babies. All the products use Rallis Raw High antioxidant, cardiac smart Olive Oil, and high absorbing, long lasting patent pending deliver system including: the world’s only shelf stable, non-refrigerated, sugar and dairy free, whip cream nutraceutical. For more information, please visit website at Heart Smart Pet.


Emergent curates, develops and sells products in the Regenerative Health Space. Its products comprise of ingestibles as well as topicals for the whole family. The company distributes its products online and through Content Based Shopping using Influencers to position products in their produced content throughout the United States and Internationally. Its subsidiaries; PharmaZu, is a pure play, e-commerce products and service provider focused on the Pet Community, Pet Pharmacy and Pet Wellness using Influencers and their content, including the pet pharmacy, vet telehealth and pet wellness businesses; Regen BioWellness, is a distributor of various products in the plant-based and regenerative medical fields. Evolutionary Biologics, is a new kind of biologics company founded for a clear purpose: bring cutting edge regenerative products to the medical community. Emergent does not claim any of its products are approved by the FDA to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. For more information, please visit Emergent’s Website and Social Media on Twitter.

Before using any products, you should always consult with your Veterinarian and/or Family Doctor.


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Jim Morrison, CEO

SOURCE: Emergent Health Corp.